Russ Weiss, CFP®

Chief Planning Officer & Senior Wealth Advisor


  • BS Finance, Penn State University
  • Enrolled in Golden Gate University’s Financial Planning Master’s Program
    • Concentration in Financial Behavior and Psychology
  • Certificate: Domestic Partnership Advisor, College for Financial Planning


In Financial Services since: 2001

With Marshall since: 2001

Past and present affiliations:

  • Member – Financial Planning Association
  • National Association of Personal Financial Advisors – Fee Only Advisors
  • Bucks County Estate Planning Council
  • Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
  • Founder, Cross Border Resource Network
    • Diverse team of professionals serving the needs of those living an international lifestyle
  • Board Member – Pride Planners
  • Board Member and Strategic Planning Chair – Roxy Therapy Dogs
  • Advisor for Delaware Valley University Small Business and Entrepreneurship Center (SBEC)
  • Doylestown Rotary Member
  • Dog Foster, Lulu’s Rescue
  • Rotary International Youth Exchange Host Family
  • Past Member – Springpoint Foundation Planned Giving Advisory Committee
  • Past Board Member – Community Conservatory

Get to know:

Russ specializes in financial planning for people who have stepped (or run, or flown) outside the usual models of corporate and family life.

Russ is himself a former entrepreneur who has chosen a committed but unmarried relationship. That’s how he initially became focused on the complexities of planning for individuals, couples and families who aren’t heterosexual married people with children —who actually form the majority of US households today.

“Fewer than half of families in the US are headed by a married couple,” he notes. “let alone a US-only, straight married couple. “But our tax laws and other regulations haven’t always caught up with that reality.”

Russ’s expertise in financial planning for clients whose lives don’t fit neatly into checkboxes is ideal for:

  • Unmarried couples or individuals
    • Lesbian
    • Gay or homosexual
    • Other LGBT
    • Heterosexual
  • Citizens or residents of more than one country.
    • US expatriate—whether permanent or temporary
    • Dual citizen
    • Non-US citizens, such as a green card holder, resident alien, or non-resident alien
  • Entrepreneurs and other small business owners
  • Otherwise “outside the box”

Russ works to ensure that clients whose lives don’t fit neatly into tax codes, healthcare and insurance, pensions, and investments can still enjoy the same level of benefits and confidence as more traditional families.

Plus, beyond the financial issues, he helps plan for other issues. For instance, he can help to ensure a life partner can be involved in the event of a healthcare emergency; get coverage from a partner’s insurance; or obtain other rights that married couples are able to take for granted.

For clients with cross-border lives, Russ often enlists the assistance of a colleague with specific, deep knowledge of a specific country’s tax and legal codes, while ensuring that the US side codes and overall picture are squared away.

Approachable and dedicated, Russ has developed a devoted clientele over the years. Says one of his clients “There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there. Russ narrows it down to what’s relevant, so I can make confident decisions quickly and with less stress.” Another gets right to the heart of Russ’s unique style when she says that he “brings a beautiful mix of compassion and knowledge to the table.”

Russ welcomes inquiries from prospective new clients. Please feel free to call and ask to talk with him today.