True Wealth is About Much More Than Money

For most of us, money is a means to an end. What we really want is peace of mind, security, confidence, freedom and joy. Experience our holistic approach to financial services.

Welcoming Environment

We understand that figuring out what to do with your money can be intimidating, so we do everything in our power to create a truly welcoming environment where you can ask questions, share your passions and review options together, regardless of your financial knowledge.


As your fiduciary, it’s our duty to do what is in your best interest. We don’t make commissions, so we aren’t incentivized to suggest solutions that aren’t in your best interest. We are paid directly by you for the work we do, which isn’t true of many financial advisory firms.

Total Wealth Management

We see our job as much more than managing money – it is total wealth management. We advise and manage your entire financial picture so you can be confident that you are saving enough to buy that dream home, without jeopardizing your future aspirations.

What can you expect when working with us?

We work together on all the aspects of your financial wellbeing—to ensure your money and your plans for your money are aligned. No matter what life brings, we will be with you to provide the advice you need to stay on track to see your aspirations become reality.


We start with an in-person (or virtual) meeting where our job is simply to listen. Our CFP® professionals never come to the table with something to sell – we are there to learn all we can about your family, values, hobbies, and big ideas for the future.

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it, so we can make the best plan for what is most important to you. Then we can look at your current financial picture so we can see what it will take to get you where you want to go.


After our initial meetings, we create our first set of planning recommendations. We’ll clearly and carefully explain how our suggestions will move you toward your ideal future. We’ll answer any questions and revise your plans along the way.

Our work together is an ongoing conversation—a process, not a product. Over time, we’ll review the plan’s progress and modify it as life events happen, and as laws and opportunities change.


Once the wheels are in motion, we will meet in person or virtually on a regular basis to review how your plan is tracking and discuss changes in your life, your priorities, and unique circumstances. When adjustments are needed, we help you make them. And we are available to answer your questions along the way.

Our goal is to put a plan into action that allows you to live a joyful life, be that – traveling, spending time with family, eating good meals, or watching the sunset with your partner.

We can partner with your accountant, attorney, and any other professionals to make sure that everyone on your team is working together toward the same endgame. But never worry: you are always in control. You can securely check your accounts online whenever you want. And we are here to answer any questions that come up.

Get in Touch

Personalized advice and wealth management that’s all about you.
We’ve built Marshall to be a home for realizing your financial future. No matter what life brings, our advisors will be with you to provide the advice you need to stay on track to see your aspirations become reality.