Lisa Chamberlin

Office Coordinator

I was drawn to Marshall Financial by the culture: It’s very positive, personable, and family friendly.

Lisa’s Role at Marshall Financial

Keeping the firm organized is no small task, but Lisa is clearly up to it. She joined Marshall Financial in 2020 as our Office Coordinator and has since made a big impact.

A typical day finds Lisa juggling a mix of responsibilities—answering client calls, scheduling meetings between our clients and advisors, ordering supplies, and generally making sure our team has what we need to keep client service as our number one focus.

Lisa joined the firm after a long career in the automotive industry, and she’s found the switch to financial services to be a welcome challenge. “It’s a completely different world and an important part of everyone’s life,” she says. “I’m excited to learn more about this field.”

Get to Know Lisa

Lisa likes that her job touches the entire Marshall team, as well as our clients. “I’ve always been involved in customer service in some way and working with people has always been part of my job,” she says. “It’s what I really enjoy.”  It’s a role that combines two of her key strengths: exceptional organizational skills and the creativity to solve problems and get things done.

If you’ve ever envied those people on HGTV who whip up DIY house projects with ease, then you might envy Lisa. She and her husband have done it all—building custom mirror frames, making floating shelves for their kitchen, and tackling lots of other home updates. “I used to watch DIY TV shows before we bought our house; now I get my ideas from Pinterest,” she says.


With Marshall Financial since 2020

In financial services since 2020