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Wealth IQ

by Adam Reinert, George Evans II, & Sean Dann

Marshall Wealth IQ is aimed at sharing insightful financial market and economic data in easy to visualize charts with brief analyses. This commentary isn’t designed as a call to investment action, but rather as a source to help you feel better informed about current events in today’s market and the underlying trends impacting current wealth.

Wealth IQ | October 2022

The most important part of any investment plan is discipline. Short-term volatility is the price we pay for long-term investment returns. Those with the fortitude to handle temporary pain are often the ones rewarded with enduring investment success.

Over the past 3 years, and especially in 2022, you have braved with the temporary pain of challenging investment returns. These tough times, which set the table for potential future market rallies, also bring with them valuable experiences and lessons.

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It’s impossible for anyone to know with certainty what will happen today, tomorrow, or even a minute from now. Investment involves risk and volatility; it’s why long-term investors have historically been rewarded with excess returns relative to cash. Our investment department monitors market data and works with our wealth advisory teams to right-size portfolios should something change relative to long-term trends. In the meantime, we’ll continue to share financial and economic data we believe is insightful and relevant to your wealth to help you feel informed.

Thank you for reading; please be well and stay healthy.

Adam Reinert, CFA, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer

George Evans II, MBA

Chief Investment Strategist 

Sean Dann

Research Analyst


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