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Welcome to Off Street, a podcast hosted by Adam Reinert, CFA, CFP® & Sean Dann, CFA

About Off Street

Sit down each week with hosts Adam and Sean as they discuss their research, analysis, and opinions surrounding a range of interesting topics from the financial world and beyond. At the end of each episode you can expect an “Uncorrelated” segment with unconventional, unique stories that tie into the financial industry.  

Expect new Off Street episodes each Wednesday, available on most podcast streaming apps.

Meet the Hosts

Chief Investment Officer & Chief Operating Officer

“If you have the right anchor and a strong set of values, you can always stay pointed in the right direction, even at difficult times.”

Research Analyst

“The principles that guide my work are having a good moral compass and strong ethics behind everything I do. That is definitely a top priority.”

The Fine Print

Podcast Disclaimer

Welcome to the Off-Street podcast, featuring Adam Reinert and Sean Dann. Off-Street contains general information that is not suitable for everyone and contains certain forward-looking statements of future possibilities that due to known and unknown risks and other uncertainties and factors, may differ materially from actual results. As such, there is no guarantee that any views and opinions expressed herein will come to pass. Off Street is presented for informational purposes only and nothing contained herein should be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any security, or as an offer to provide investment, tax, or legal advice. Additionally, this communication contains information derived from third party sources. Although we believe these sources to be reliable, we make no representations as to their accuracy or completeness. Adam and Sean are employees of Marshall Financial Group, Inc, a registered investment adviser. For additional information about the firm, including its services and fees, send for the firm’s disclosure brochure or visit

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