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Current Employment Opportunities:

Associate Planner

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Certified Financial Planner (Accepting CFA and CPA designations as well)

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Ongoing Employment Opportunities:

We’re always open to meeting and talking with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and Para planners who share our high standards and commitment to client care. Let’s start a conversation. Please send your resume to:

A business is an entity existing primarily for the generation of financial profits. Successful businesses, however, should exist for some higher purpose than their financial aspects alone.

A business is not a master to be served by other people; rather, a business should, itself, serve.

In regards to our services:

They should be of superior quality—the very best that we can provide. We should refuse to offer a product or service in which we do not believe or in which we cannot take personal pride.

In regards to our clients:

They are the foundation of our business. Our only true asset is our ability to serve them. In all of our dealings, we should strive to continually serve their best interest.

In regard to our fellow associates:

We should respect the value of those associated with us and each individual’s right to self-determination in setting their own career objectives. We should never regard people as objects or pawns to be used by management solely for the purpose of producing a profit. To the best of our ability, we should afford those associated with us a career opportunity where their personal objectives may be reached. The environment within our group should be such that those who are so motivated can develop personally, seek advancement and earn greater success, without forfeiting their right to fail.

In regard to our competitors:

We should not compete with those who also seek to serve the best interests of our clientele. We should endorse their efforts and seek only to cooperate. Our only competition, if any, comes from those who mislead, misguide or take unfair advantage of our clientele.

In regard to bottom line profits:

We strive to make a fair and honest profit. The continuation of our business and its ability to fulfill its purpose is dependent upon profit. We should refuse to deal with any of our publics on an unprofitable basis, lest we fail them all.