Michele Hirschmann

Project Associate

I’m fortunate to be able to work with a team of not only experienced and qualified professionals, but genuinely good people.”

Michele’s Role at Marshall Financial

Having been with Marshall Financial since 1994, Michele has had a variety of responsibilities in the office. As a part-time employee, Michele assists the support team with large projects like data management and time weighted reports. Additionally, she works to confirm account processing to help ensure accuracy and completion. 

Michele has also had a large role in helping with compliance-related projects and billing. For example, she helps ensure Marshall is meeting compliance regulations through an annual custody audit and assists with quarterly billing.

Get to Know Michele

Michele has lived in Bucks County with her family for over 25 years. She has four children with her husband Mike. In her free time she enjoys watching her kids’ sports meets and traveling. In 2023 she traveled to Paris, Dublin, and Cabo. “I’ve always enjoyed traveling with my husband, but recently experiencing new places through my children’s eyes has renewed my love of traveling.”

Additionally, Michele loves to read and finds herself drawn to stories of hope and resilience. She also enjoys reading historical fiction inspired by her travels, for example she recently finished Becoming Marie Antoniette after her trip to Paris.


With Marshall Financial since 1994

In financial services since 1994