Julie Picariello

Client Care Specialist & Company Ambassador

Working with such good people like our clients, you can’t help but care about them personally. They feel that, and it makes them comfortable working with us.”

Julie’s Role at Marshall Financial

If you’re looking for a wealth advisor and you’re considering Marshall Financial, the first person you’re likely to talk with is Julie, our Company Ambassador. “I give an overview of the firm, explain how to get started, and answer any questions,” she says.

Julie’s also one of our Client Care Specialists, focused on turning each client’s plan into action. “Once a plan is agreed on, I help both the clients and the advisors with implementation,” she says. Whether it’s transferring funds, opening new accounts, or making adjustments based on life’s inevitable changes, Julie makes sure it all gets done.

Get to Know Julie

Julie believes one of the most important things she can do is listen. “We all interpret things differently, so it’s important to me to make sure we’re all on the same page and understand what is being discussed,” she says. After 25+ years with the firm, she’s formed strong personal bonds with so many people. “I feel like our clients are part of my extended family and enjoy listening to their life stories and helping however I can,” she says.

When Julie has time off, she and her husband head to the beach. “We love the Virgin Islands,” she says. “What better place to relax, read, snorkel, and catch the sunset by boat.”  Family is central to Julie’s life, so catching up with her seven grandchildren is always a highlight. 


With Marshall since 1995

In financial services since 1995