Financial Planning today for security and independence tomorrow

Step 1: Understand your financial picture.

First, you do a little homework—collecting your financial and legal documents so that we can sit down and go through them together. Tax returns, investment documents, wills—everything that relates to your financial life.

Then we sit down and talk. There’s no judgment, just open dialog. What do you want to achieve? What’s most important to you? What do you dream of? What keeps you up at night?

Pretty quickly, we can tell you what we see in your financial documentation—what’s working for you, and where there are obvious issues and opportunities.

Step 2: The initial plan

Once we get to know you and your financial situation, your Marshall Team gets to work on your plan. Since many heads are better than one, your dedicated CFP® practitioner and paraplanner collaborate with other CFP® Professionals and investment specialists in the planning process.

We build a plan that moves you towards your goals in a logical, comprehensive way. Then, together, we’ll go through your initial plan step by step. We’ll show you—very specifically—how the plan will work. We’ll explain anything you don’t understand, and make revisions as needed.

Step 3: Implementation

With your approval, your Marshall team puts the wheels in motion. If you wish (most do) we’ll work directly with your accountant, attorney, banker, and other advisors to make everything happen, so you don’t have to do the legwork.

Step 4: Regular review and revision

Planning with Marshall is a process, not a product. We’ll suggest revisions as laws and opportunities change, and alter direction in light of changes in your life.