Get the best advice for you

Clients come first at Marshall – we have set up our company and culture to ensure that. Our plans are always based on your best interests and what you want to enjoy in life.

Our Fee-Only Approach

Marshall is committed to finding the best way for you to reach your financial goals. We believe taking a fee-only approach does just that; it’s a simple and transparent way of doing business. You pay us for our services, based on the complexity of your situation and the time we expect to spend on your behalf.

Your Fiduciary

As CFP® professionals and a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are and always have been committed fiduciaries. As your “fiduciary,” we put your interests first. Everything we recommend is because it will work toward your definition of financial freedom.

Employee-owned (ESOP)

We believe in our people, and they believe in us too. That is why all of our full-time staff members are also owners at Marshall, which is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan company. In every sense of the word, we are invested in the success of our clients!