Bill Marshall, Founder



In Financial Services since: 1968

With Marshall since: 1981

Get to know:

After 50 years of business and service, I’m excited to announce the time for my official retirement has come. It’s hard to believe how much time has passed since I entered the industry as a young man.

When I began my career, the financial industry was very different than it is today. In 1977, I became one of the first 100 persons to earn the Certified Financial Planner™ designation. I knew comprehensive financial planning was far more important for successful outcomes than focusing solely on product or investment sales. While this philosophy has only recently become popular industry refrain, it has always been who Marshall Financial is and what Marshall Financial believes. That will never change. It is why many years ago we changed our business model to ensure that, as fiduciaries, our advice would always remain conflict free.

After the passing of my long-time business partner and dear friend, Jeanne Robinson, I addressed my own succession. In 2017, I officially transferred 100% of my ownership in Marshall Financial Group to my fellow employees. As you know, many of these individuals are long-tenured and all have helped build Marshall Financial into what it is today. I can retire confidently knowing I’ve left the organization in the hands of eighteen skilled, caring and passionate individuals.

I will be eternally grateful for the trust you placed in me and Marshall Financial Group during the years.  It is that trust that has provided me the great and fortunate opportunity to meet and work alongside so many tremendous people.  It was an honor to celebrate your happiest moments, share in your sadness during more difficult times, and cherish the laughter we shared in between. I look forward to using my retirement to share more of those moments with my family, friends and charitable organizations which I hold dear.

As I retire, I’m fortunate to be able to stand back and marvel at the fulfillment my career has brought me. For that, I cannot thank you enough!

Be well,

William L. Marshall