Investment plans for an independent future

Long-term, lower-risk and diversified

Marshall structures client portfolios according to Modern Portfolio Theory, which won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1990. A few of the pillars of this approach include:

  • Clients are loss-averse. Risk is only acceptable to the degree that it provides potential for adequate compensation.
  • Markets are generally efficient. It is virtually impossible to time short-term market changes. So we don’t attempt to time the market. The approach we encourage with clients is patient, long-term investing.
  • The portfolio as a whole is more important than any individual security. Allocating capital among asset classes appropriately will have much greater effect on the total portfolio than the selection of individual securities.
  • Diversification reduces risk. It’s important to be invested in asset classes that are either not related to each other, or in opposition, so that as one goes down, the other goes up.
  • Global investment helps reduce risk since economies around the world are often less tightly correlated

Investment planning focused on growth…with peace of mind

Our expert analysts investigate many funds and products before selecting ones for inclusion in our clients’ portfolios. We look for well-managed, transparent funds with superior track records in a diverse range of industries and countries, so that we can offer a balanced portfolio. Then we track the selected funds diligently so that you don’t have to. (Unless you want to. You always have 100 percent transparency and access). When there’s news or a decision to be made, we let you know.

The fine print

Investment management is charged as a percentage of your portfolio. It is a fee to you, (we accept no commissions) and will be debited from your investment portfolio quarterly.

Portfolio valueAnnual Fee (percent)
Up to $250,0001.00
Above $1,000,000.50
*For clients not under a retainer engagement for financial planning services, an additional investment management fee of .25% will be
added to the fee schedule above.