If you’re used to financial professionals who focus entirely on portfolios and percentages, our approach will be a welcome surprise. Since 1981, Marshall’s financial planning has been about helping you achieve your goals and live your dreams. It’s an ongoing conversation. As your needs and concerns change and evolve, the direction of our planning alters accordingly.


Complete financial confidence, simplified

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Marshall manages all the details for you, while you retain control. You get big-picture summaries, detailed reports, complete transparency and 24/7 secure online access to your accounts. Regular communications keep you on track. And a member of your team is always just a call away if you have questions or concerns.

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Investment management

If you would like us to manage your portfolio, that service can be provided too. We structure client portfolios according to Modern Portfolio Theory, which won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1990. A few of the pillars of this approach include:

• Risk is only acceptable to the degree that it provides potential for adequate compensation.

• It is virtually impossible to time important short-term market changes. So we encourage patient, long-term investment.

• The portfolio as a whole is more important than any individual security.

• Diversification reduces risk.

• Global investment helps reduce risk since economies around the world are often less tightly correlated.

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Fee-only services. Never a commission.

To ensure that our advice is always based on what's best for you, and not biased by the interests of any 3rd party, we work on a fee basis only. For planning services, we quote a fee for services after your initial consultation. The quote is based on the complexity of your situation and the time we expect to spend on your behalf.

Initial consultations are very comprehensive, typically involving two advisors for one to two hours. We provide this at a fee of $250.

Portfolio management is offered as a percentage of your portfolio. The top rate is 1 percent, dropping as the size of your portfolio grows.
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